October 5, 2022


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20 Corporate and Business Photoshoot Tips

It’s not easy to find fresh photography tips for corporate and business portraiture, it seems like every photographer does the same thing. That’s why we created this list of 10 Corporate and Business Portrait Photography Tips to help you stand out from the crowd!

1. Keep at a distance from your subjects – this will create separation between you and them, as well as add more depth in the photo with a foreground and background.

2. Lighting is key – don’t be lazy about lighting, make sure to use a reflector or softbox when photographing outside on an overcast day, or add some fill light by bringing in natural light if indoors 

3. Have your subject pose. Don’t be afraid to give them direction, you’ll be surprised how many people will “paint” their natural facial expressions by following you … and it may turn out better than if you did it yourself.

4. Keep calm and take pictures! Don’t worry about being in the way, or not being able to get your shot – remember that the purpose of photography is to make breathtaking images, not boring portraits!

5. One eye is always closed when sleeping – make a note of this so that you can use this trick in the future

6. Use a tripod (or canon 60D) when photographing a large group (remember to keep it still while shooting).

7. Look for interesting shapes and patterns when shooting architecture, it will add to the energy of your photo if you do so

8. Avoid photographing people wearing suits or with a tie – unless you want that formal look in your photo, then go ahead. But it may not be the best idea if you want the viewer to identify with your subject and

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9. Be prepared to wait – although this is unlikely while shooting corporate portraits, take note of the fact that clients can take a while to get back to you, so don’t rush in while they’re thinking about it!

10. Try focusing on different things during the photoshoot. Make use of items that can be incorporated into your work (check out this link for some fantastic examples)

11. Use your camera as a recorder – Don’t be afraid to let the camera do its thing when taking photos; you can always go back and tweak things later.

12. Use your flash (canon 550D) to bounce off the ceiling or walls – then use a reflector or diffuser to spread out the light and avoid harsh shadows.

13. Take pictures from all angles, unless you know what you’re doing, try not to stay at eye level.

15. Walk around when taking pictures of people that are moving about – it will help show their movements in a more better way

16. Bring an extra battery and memory card with you when shooting outdoors – you never know what will happen, and it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

17. The golden hour is the best – That’s why it’s called the golden hour! If you’re confused about what that means, just stick to taking your pictures during the golden hour (about 1-2 hours before sunset).

18. Watch out for backlit images – this will create a silhouette which can be an interesting effect, but not always the best choice if you want to show a person’s face or body.

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19. If you’re shooting a business or corporate portrait, make your subject look good. This means that they have to look good when they smile, and make sure you’re photographing them at their best.

20. Take advantage of the fact that people won’t be able to see you while they wait… This means that you can take some really good shots of them without them knowing – great for impromptu shots!


A lot of the time, corporate and business portraits are about showing off who your subject is. This means that you have to make them look their best (unless you’re going for a more casual look), and not just their face – make sure to shoot their clothes as well. The article also touches on the importance of taking pictures from different angles, even if you don’t understand how it will turn out – sometimes it may be better than what you were trying to achieve.