October 2, 2022


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12 Best Ukrainian Vodka Brands of All Time

A Ukrainian vodka is a beverage with an alcohol content of at least 40% ABV and typically distilled from potatoes, rye or wheat. Ukrainian vodka is a beverage that’s still fairly new in the world but has made its mark nonetheless. With its distinctive flavor and high alcohol content, Ukrainian vodkas are sure to be enjoyed for many years to come as well!

Ukrainian cuisine is famously known for its rich tastes, like in their desserts or appetizers. So it’s not too shocking that many of the best Ukrainian vodkas come with deep-rooted flavors, making them absolutely phenomenal. Here are some notable brands to try out!

1.Oleksandr the Great Vodka – 

The distillery Oleksandr the Great produces only three types of spirits: vodka, cognac and absinthe. The main ingredients are water from the Dnipro River and specially made yeast. Oleksandr the Great Vodka is made from home-grown potatoes that are both organic and non-GMO.

2.Kiss The Frog Vodka –

 Kiss The Frog Vodka’s name comes from a Ukrainian saying that holds that if a frog is kissed on the lips, it will turn into a princess. Aside from its fun name, Kiss The Frog Vodka has won numerous awards and boasts an impressive 40% ABV standard.

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3.Karlivka Master Distiller’s Reserve – 

Karlivka Master Distiller’s Reserve was named after the town of Karlovka where it originated. This brand is known for its high-quality and is one of Ukraine’s most popular vodkas.

4.Kichik Vodka – 

Kichik is a relative newcomer to the world of vodkas. Known for its distinct taste and superb flavor, Kichik is made with potatoes and wheat while vodka lovers may appreciate its unique taste.

5.Khmelnitski Vodka – 

Compared to other vodkas, Khmelnitski Vodka is relatively mild and smooth. This spirit’s base contains grains such as rye and wheat instead of potatoes or corn.

6.Chernomoral Vodka –

Those who are looking for a clean and crisp vodka may find themselves enamoured with Chernomoral Vodka. This ultra-premium vodka is made in the style of a premium vodka but has a small amount of added sugar to make it smooth and rich.

7.Slaviansk Korona Vodka – 

Slaviansk Korona Vodka is one of many Polish vodkas but this particular brand is distilled in Ukraine. Its taste will appeal to those who prefer lighter or smoother vodkas.

8.St. George Vodka – 

St. George Vodka is a product from the West Ukrainian city of Lviv and is made of rye, wheat and water. This vodka is also known for its distinctive taste as well as its intense flavor imparted by the distillers themselves. Aroma, taste, and pureness are just a few of the things St. George Vodka prides itself on having to offer.

9.Kilikia Pure Malt Vodka – 

Kilikia Pure Malt is the first brand of pure malted vodka in the world and has been around since 1994. The process of making malted vodka requires special equipment to make it even more unique. This vodka is made with malted rye, wheat and wheat.

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10.Khmelnitski Vodka – 

Compared to other vodkas, Khmelnitski Vodka is relatively mild and smooth. This spirit’s base contains grains such as rye and wheat instead of potatoes or corn.

11.Budvarka Vodka – 

Budvarka is 100% distilled from grain in Ukraine. Its taste is relatively neutral thanks to the grains it uses for its content. It holds a 45% ABV alcohol content and its taste will appeal to those who prefer a lighter vodka drink.

12.Devushka Vodka –

 Produced from wheat, Devushka Vodka boasts a 40% ABV. This particular vodka is soft and clean-tasting with a sweetness that will appeal to those who enjoy sweeter drinks.


There are so many Ukrainian vodkas on the market but it can be difficult to find one that truly stands out. However, the brands listed above will surely appeal to vodkas connoisseurs and those who appreciate quality.