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10 types Ukraine Vodka Brands

Vodka is the most popular beverage in Ukraine and in the world, with a market value of $26.8 billion by volume. It’s clear that this article would not be complete without a list of vodka brands that are drunk throughout the country. At first glance, the list seemed very limited in its range, but then I found the most common types of vodka in Ukraine.

Unfortunately, some of the brands underappreciated by many people are not included in this list. For example, it is a bit strange that many drinkers prefer to drink Stolichnaya and Ketel One. In addition, there are still quite a few people who believe that Zois Vodka is not a Ukrainian brand. I hope these mistakes will be corrected as people get used to Ukrainian brands.vodka is the world’s most consumed alcoholic beverage. It is produced from any grain such as wheat, rye, maize (corn), or barley, which has been fermented and distilled twice with a steep alcohol content. Vodka is usually 40 percent ABV. A vodka brand typically refers to the distillery that produces it but may also be used to refer to the brand that owns these distilleries.“

Vodka is by far one of the world’s most popular drinks and in terms of history its significance can’t be understated. Vodka was first documented in Russian history as a medicinal drink during what is known as “the reign of Peter The Great”. This was between 1682 and 1725. Though he is the first person to be recorded as having ordered the drink in it’s contemporary state, his great predecessor Ivan The Terrible had drunk a form of vodka as far back as 1505.

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Today we are going to take a look at some of the most popular Ukrainian Vodka brands on the market:

1. Lirika 

One of the best-selling vodkas in Ukraine, Lirika can be found in around three quarters of all bars and shops across Ukraine. It is produced by Lirica Ltd., located in Kupiany, Vorskla region, Odessa oblast. This vodka has been produced since 2004. Lirika is a premium vodka with the highest quality standards in Ukraine.

2. Magistral 

The oldest brand in the Ukrainian Vodka market, which was founded and established in 1936 by Patriarch Nikon Nikolay, who was also a Crimean Tatar and one of the most important representatives of modern Ukrainian culture and politics.


 This is another very popular brand that can be found across Ukraine. The word VARGON comes from Ukrainian word “VARHAN” meaning “Game bird”, which is an award granted by every vodka brand that wants to be called as the best vodka. VARGON was awarded in 2012 by the National Union of Ukrainian Writers, Artists, Musicians and Translators in the city of Kiev.

4. Polevoi 

 The fact that Polevoi is one of the most popular brands in Ukraine today is largely due to its taste. The strong, full-bodied taste with a woody undertone makes it one of the most popular brands not only in Ukraine but also in Russia and other countries.

5. Chernyk

This brand is made in the east of Ukraine and it is really popular in the west/central part. It has a unique taste that differs from other vodkas on the market.

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6. Priboedonostsev

 Ukrainian vodka with an old recipe, which was created by a noble engineer Ivan Pribojedonostsev. He was also one of the first manufacturers of vodka in this country. The taste is very smooth and has an elegant flavor, which makes it one of the best Russian vodkas available on the market today.

7. Khortitz

A popular brand, whose name comes from the Ukrainian word Khortitsa, which means a small deer. The strong taste of this vodka is due to the special technology that produces it.

8. Morskoi 

This is another popular brand which is produced in Odessa, Ukraine and it has an aromatic flavor and a unique taste, which makes it one of the most popular premium vodkas on the market today.

9. Malec

One of the most unique products in this list since it is manufactured in Ukraine but then sold only in other countries like Slovenia, Romania, Poland and Germany. It was first produced in 1983, and it has a unique combination between the brand’s special taste and three times distillation.

10. Zois

This is the most popular vodka in Ukraine in many ways. It is the world’s most profitable vodka brand and it is also believed to be of excellent quality and made from natural ingredients.

There are several more brands that are produced by different Ukrainian companies but this list is based on the most common types of Vodka that can be found in Ukraine today:


There are several other brands of vodka on the market which can be found in nearly all shops and supermarkets. However, these brands are not as popular as the ones mentioned here and their price does not reflect the quality of their products. Visitors to Ukraine should try these products to experience the difference between Ukrainian vodkas and other products that you may have tried in Europe or other countries.

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